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Woodworking Plans, Project and More!

Woodworking Plans, Project and More!

Wood Turning Projects Wood Lathe Projects Woodturning For Beginners

Woodworking Ideas

Wood Turning Projects Wood Lathe Projects Woodturning For Beginners

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a Plate – Mini Projects – In this video, I’m going to a plate. It’s mini lathe projects. This is a small projects for beginners. This projects ideas or wood carving dish is good for beginner projects 2019.
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My dream when I was a kid….

I wanted to try my hand at making some bunk beds for my two kids so I came across this website and decided to give it a try. The advertisement that I found, gave me the website for Ted’s Woodworking Plans so when my curiosity got the better of me I clicked on to see what it was all about.

Ted Mcgrath is the originator of this site and is a professional woodworker so he knows what he is talking about. There were so many woodworking plans with this collection and you will not believe this but there are over 16,000 plans in the one package deal.

This is really something to find that many all together. For someone like me who is just really starting to get involved with woodworking this was like letting me loose in a candy store and telling me I could have anything I wanted. That was my dream when I was a kid.

Well I was very skeptical and you have to be careful and I was wondering how one person could possibly get that many plans and woodworking blueprints put together but Ted did it.

I decided to buy it and was not at all disappointed as the pages were done in full color and they were laid out and very detailed which made it easy to follow. I really found it hard to put down and do some other things when I got it as it is so interesting. It gave me new ideas for summer projects!  To find out more, click here…..

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